Medical Aid Abroad Trust Board Incorporated is a charitable trust registered with New Zealand’s Charities Services, number CC20916.

MAA has been in operation since an inaugural meeting in Christchurch in 1967.  MAA currently has its main centre in Auckland, plus a branch work in Christchurch. 

Here are the Christchurch contact details:  

The contact there is Gordon Shields. His email is [email protected] 

AUCKLAND CENTRE: MAA has three Auckland-based trustees: Dr Bernie Brenner, Mr David Halstead and Dr Peter Vanniasingham. The governance of MAA is by an Executive Committee and the day by day management of our rooms and volunteers, is overseen by our Store Manager.

An enthusiastic team of about 18 volunteers, who mostly come from a medical or pharmacy background, receive inwards goods, sort them for suitability and store them in our rooms.

Upon receipt of an order from a requesting agency, items are packed, ready for dispatch and delivery overseas.

MAA goods were used in Mana Pools, Zimbabwe

MAA does all it can to ensure that donated supplies are to be used by appropriately trained professionals and that the goods are received by the people who need them.

We do this by requiring that each order has a completed End-User Contact Details and Receipt of Goods Declaration form. Click on these links to see these forms.

MAA follows the WHO guidelines, which recommend that donated goods are still in date when they arrive at the destination.

Our Store Manager, Kim Kempthorne may be contacted using this new email address: [email protected] or by Text Messages Only please, to NZ mobile 021 878 270 or from overseas +64 21 878 270

Our Chairman, Murray Kerr may be contacted on this email address: [email protected] 

Our Treasurer is Raj Chaudhary (Chartered Accountant). You may contact him on [email protected]

Our Secretary is Pam Macfarlane. You may contact her on [email protected]

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