MAA has a new warehouse.

In early 2023 MAA was given notice that we would need to vacate the ageing building that has served us well as a warehouse over the last decade.

Fortunately, an excellent alternative was located on the same site. We are hugely grateful for the work undertaken to identify and prepare an unused building, to assist with the move and accommodate and support the work of MAA.

The timeframe to move was tight, but also fortuitous. Heavy rain flooded part of the old site within hours of the move.

Auckland Council Funding Grant

Alongside implementation of our new digital inventory management system, MAA had been planning a warehouse upgrade. The Auckland Council Waste Minimisation and Innovation Fund made a grant of $3,500 available to assist with the project. Again, the timing was fortuitous. The funds enabled MAA to purchase 18 heavy duty steel shelving units. This invaluable infrastructure enables MAA to build on its work diverting unwanted medical supplies from landfill to healthcare providers working in places that really need them. Thank you Auckland Council!

The move

After intensive planning and preparation MAA moved all stock and shelving over to the new warehouse during the week of 9 May 2023. A moving company undertook the heavy lifting and numerous volunteers assisted. Special mention must go to Manager Kim Kempthorne who put her excellent project management skills to good use.

New location

The MAA community – those regularly donating or receiving supplies – have been notified of our new location and parking arrangements. Please contact us (preferably by email) – [email protected], if you need these details.