Established in Christchurch (NZ) in 1965,  Medical Aid Abroad is a not-for-profit charitable trust which assists health work in developing countries, by donating surplus medical, surgical and pharmaceutical supplies, from within New Zealand.

MAA has one part-time paid Store Manager, plus a dedicated team of volunteer workers who mostly come from a medical or pharmacy background. Click here to learn more. Who are we?

Goods donated to MAA come from a wide variety of sources, typically: medical centres, pharmacies, hospitals, manufacturers, importers, wholesalers. Click here to see What goods?  These goods are received in our store, sorted for suitability and stored until requested.

The majority of our goods go the South Pacific region, but we have sent supplies to countries much further afield – Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Click here for a recent list of countries that have received aid.

Bougainville. Checking drugs donated by MAA

MAA is non-political and is willing to offer help wherever it is needed.

Two RNZ Interviews:  In April 2012, Justin Gregory, from Radio New Zealand’s Spectrum programme came to our rooms and interviewed our team on the work of MAA.  If you would like to hear this interesting 23 minute documentary, click on this:

– or you could click on this link:RNZ Spectrum Documentary on MAA

In November 2016, Radio NZ National broadcast an 8 minute interview with Chairman, Murray Kerr.  If you would like to listen, click on this: 

– or you could click on this link: RNZ Article about the work of MAA